Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapy is the use of specific activity exercises to treat, assist and maintain the physical, mental and psychological health of patients; or to reduce and relieve the impact of developmental disorders or social function barriers on patients, so that they can get more independence in the daily life, thereby reintegrating into the family, work and community.

Occupational therapists firstly use basic tests and do consultations to understand and analyze the patient’s daily life and obstacles, then formulate a set of physical, psychological, and social function exercises and treatment plans for their cases, or add auxiliary tools in life to maintain or improve their physical and mental functions, improve the quality of daily activities and prevent functional degradation.

Occupational therapists would also demonstrate and teach correct care skills in person, so that people who taking care of the patients can do simple exercises for them on weekdays, and also reduce the risk of accidents at home.

Applicable person

1. Elderly, sick (such as cancer or stroke) or people after surgery, have difficulty on swallowing or speaking. Occupational therapists would train mouth and throat muscle coordination and teach some skills to help patients control their muscles and improve swallowing or pronunciation. The mobility of fingers, wrists and other limbs would also be trained or they would use some auxiliary tools to help patients improve their self-care ability.

2. Patients with cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, insufficient concentration, hyperactivity, autism, etc. require occupational therapists to train them in discrimination, concentration and memory to improve their abilities. Some assistance tools may be needed by cases, so to live a normal life.


Practising certificate issued by the Occupational Therapist Management Committee under the Hong Kong Complementary Medical Services Authority

Physiotherapy assistants will be awarded a diploma after completing courses in employee retraining, rehabilitation society, Hong Kong Red Cross and Hong Kong Society of Gerontology