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New Town Medical Care provides professional home care services for people who are in need of medical treatment or elderly-care at their homes. All with dynamic backgrounds, our dedicated therapeutic team includes an array of experienced medical practitioners and specialists, including nurses, health workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychological counsellors, maternity matrons, escorts, and other professional staffs to cater to a wide range of special needs.

Why Need Professional Care

Clients or patients that are suffering from different diseases, conditions, ailments or perhaps at different stages of their recovery can avoid the trouble of going out of their homes, while receiving first-rate professional home care services that they need. This can effectively shorten the treatment time and help relieve the pain, discomfort or anxiety during their treatment.

On the other hand, the professional help that we provide can help ease the burden on family, relatives and care-takers, who may be unable to devote their time or are not fully qualified for providing the required care.

At New Town Medical Care, we are dedicated to providing professional medical care and associated treatment services to people or patients that would like to:

  1. Avoid the inconvenience of leaving their homes during treatment.
  2. Are currently confined or required to stay in bed, perhaps for an extended period of time
  3. Save close relatives or caretakers the trouble of having to accompany them to the clinics for treatment or scheduled appointments.

Provide medical professional care and treatment services to people who need this service, like:

  1. Hope to stay at home
  2. Inconvenient to go out or need to stay in bed for a long time
  3. Relatives have no time to accompany them to the clinic

Clients could avoid the trouble of going out while receive services at home, so to shorten the treatment time and relieve the pain, discomfort and anxiety during treatment.

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