Psychological Counsellors

Psychological counsellors

The medical staffs who provide psychological counselling services in the medical department are psychologists or clinical psychologists. Psychologists observe and analyze individual behaviour, thoughts and attitudes, or add some tests to assess patients’ psychological or emotional barriers. The treatment is mainly processed by talking while some games would also be designed to enhance the therapeutic effect by cases.

Applicable persons

1. Elderly: Unable to adapt to the pessimistic mood of old age and reduced mobility.

2. People who are ill (such as cancer or stroke) or after surgery, might feel pain, anxiety and excessive tension during the treatment, the pessimistic attitude of worrying about becoming a burden to the family, or the psychological issues of post-traumatic stress disorder.

3. Patients with cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, lack of concentration, hyperactivity, autism, etc. require psychologists to perform some consultations, concentration training and behaviour therapy for them to improve their abilities. Some assistance tools might be needed for patients to live a normal life.


Certificate of relevant courses taken by the university